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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Pros and Cons of Stucco Siding on Your St Augustine Rental Property

Stucco Roof Peaks Against a Blue SkyAdding a stucco finish to your St Augustine rental property comes with both benefits and drawbacks. In the same way as exterior siding options, there are valid reasons to invest in stucco for a rental home; however, there may be certain drawbacks that make stucco a less enticing choice. To make sense of whether stucco siding is right for your single-family rentals, it is imperative to learn first the basics of what stucco is as well as how much a stucco finish will cost. This information would then be able to assist you with settling on the best choice for your rental properties.

Popular throughout the American Southwest, stucco siding can be used in many climates and areas. This is on the grounds that stucco is a cement-based plaster that is applied over a galvanized wire mesh called lathe, which helps the plaster adhere to the wall surface and adds strength. Stucco is usually applied in at least three coats, with the top or finish coat, including any color or special finishing techniques.

While the strength and durability of stucco are one of the biggest benefits, there are a few different reasons why stucco may be the correct decision for you.

  • Stucco is tinted, not painted, which means that it can withstand fading for decades.
  • Stucco can be textured for a unique and decorative look.
  • With appropriate maintenance, stucco can last a very long time, which means that you will not need to budget for its replacement anytime soon.
  • Stucco provides excellent protection against inclement weather.
  • The cost of stucco itself is relatively low when compared to other types of siding, making it an economical option.

Of course, alongside the benefits that stucco has to offer, there are a few disadvantages as well.

  • Stucco requires professional installation which can fundamentally increase the cost.
  • Applying stucco can be a time-intensive project, with most professional stucco companies requiring several days to finish the job.
  • Stucco can be damaged easily, requiring professional repairs.

Another worry is whether you can bear to devalue the cost of your stucco finish over the span of several years. According to the IRS, a large improvement like adding stucco to your rental property’s exterior cannot be deducted as an expense but rather depreciated over time. This means that you will have the option to deduct the full cost of the stucco siding, but not all at once. This makes a careful assessment of your cash flows and tax situation an important part of your decision-making process.

On the off chance that you choose stucco as still the best option for your properties, the next stage is to find a quality stucco company that will carry out the job correctly and at a reasonable price. It can be difficult to find a reputable service provider without spending a lot of time on research, time that may be more profitably spent on your investing activities.

The good news is that Real Property Management Sunstate can help. Our St Augustine property managers can offer recommendations and guidance about exterior siding options, as well as recommend quality stucco professionals dedicated to providing the highest customer service. To learn more, contact us today.

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