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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

About Real Property Management Sunstate

There is a good reason why our property owners choose us to manage their properties. No matter where your property is in the rental cycle, you can trust Real Property Management Sunstate to help you maximize your investment. Our experience, efficient process and keen eye on risk mitigation will save you surprises, costly mistakes and headaches, which will in turn, increase tenant retention, reduce vacancy and improve your cash flow.

Real Property Management is a national real estate management company with over 250 offices nationwide. Even though Real Property Management is a national company, we remain highly localized through our individual offices. Locally, we offer property management services across the entire Orlando and Jacksonville Area.

Real Property Management manages hundreds of properties with a professional, well-trained staff of inspectors, compliance agents, leasing professionals, maintenance personnel and accountants. With our staff living and working Orlando FL and Jacksonville FL, we know residential property management!

Residential property management is our sole function. Real Property Management does not list or sell real estate which translates to the best, most focused management team in the Orlando and Jacksonville area. Our property owners appreciate our concentration in leasing and management because it translates to better care and more attention to their investments.

2017 RPM Historical Timeline