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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our homeowners, investors, tenants, and others we served have to say about Real Property Management Sunstate.  And for the infrequent dissatisfied customer, we promise to do our best to quickly make it right.

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Homeowner and Property Investor Reviews

“We interviewed a few different property management companies and found Marcus and his team to be the most professional. They provide services that others do not and allow owners to enjoy one-stop shopping for their investment properties.”

Graham R.

“Great property management team for my property that is too far away for me to manage on a daily basis. You can be a hands-off or hands-on owner whatever suits your needs. For me, I like to know everything that is going on so they keep me informed. This is a very detailed-oriented team that documents everything precisely, takes tons of pictures and videos to make sure you know what your property looks like before and after each tenancy and executes professionally so you won’t have to worry. They have the tools of a big company but are extremely accessible to landlords and tenants.”

Lauris H.

“The staff was very professional. They were available when we needed to get assistance or help when the time arose. The staff was quick to get back with inquiries that could not be answered by them at that time.”

George W.

“I bought an investment property (townhouse) in West Palm Beach back in 2009 but I live very far away so I needed a local property manager to take care of the property for me.

I found Real Property Management Sunstate, spoke with Marcus Phillips who walked me through the whole process and answered any questions I had. Very professional, courteous and down-to-earth. I signed a few forms and we got started right away.

The property was empty and needed some repairs. Real Property Management Sunstate assessed the property’s condition, fixed up the entire place, cleaned it top to bottom, gave it a fresh coat of paint, replaced the carpet, got it rent ready, advertised it, screened/interviewed tenants and were able to place a tenant in the unit who is still living in the unit.

Every month, they direct deposit (ACH) the rent check into my bank account, provide me with a monthly report on their website portal and take care of any issues with the tenant usually without my involvement. They also provide me with a yearly summary as well as a tax form which I file with the IRS at the end of each year on all my properties.

I also have a 2nd property (a stacked townhouse) managed by them in West Palm Beach which I bought in 2010 and again, excellent, prompt, professional service. Any time I have issues with any of my tenants or with any of the HOA’s, Marcus and his team take care of the issue directly for me on a moment’s notice. They are very professional but also include a very personal touch so I don’t feel like I’m treated like just another number.

All of the staff I deal with know me by name and are familiar with everything that is happening with my properties. They also give me very detailed updates on any odd issues that need my attention.

It’s been a great experience and I would definitely recommend Real Property Management Sunstate to anyone looking for property management services in Florida as they’ve been doing an excellent job ever since I hired them. Keep up the good work!”

Simon T.

“We hired Real Property Management Sunstate to manage a two bedroom, two bath townhouse we bought in Wellington, FL for a two year period from about July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2012.

In the spring of 2010, we bought a townhouse in Wellington, FL, but were not able to retire and move in until two years later. Since we were living in Massachusetts during this time, we needed someone to find a renter and manage the property for us.

After several other property management firms did not return our calls, I contacted Real Property Management Sunstate. The owner, Marcus Phillips, promptly returned my call, and after meeting with him, my wife and I hired RPM for the job. And they did an incredible job.

After the initial meeting in which all the terms of our contractual obligations were worked out professionally, Marcus visited the unit and made recommendations on getting it ready for potential renters. He did an excellent job of marketing the property and quickly found a tenant who wanted a two-year lease (as did we). He got us a good rental price, and he did credit and criminal background checks on the renter, who turned out to be a good tenant.

RPM Sunstate charged the standard 10% of rental fee, and we paid an additional $10 per month for eviction insurance. (Although we didn’t need it, it would have covered all the legal costs of evicting the tenant if necessary.)

RPM Sunstate has maintenance staff on call 24/7, 365 days of the year. Fortunately, only a few minor repairs were needed during the two year period and they quickly took care of them.

We received monthly statements about income and expenses associated with the property, and we eventually had our own account on Real Property Management Sunstate’s website where we could check our statements and reports. They also provided the appropriate IRS tax form needed for year-end tax preparation.

Real Property Management Sunstate did a thorough inspection of the unit after the tenant left, made deductions from the tenant’s security deposit for a few items (e.g., cleaning the rugs, painting the walls), and took care of the work, such that the townhouse was ready when we arrived a couple of weeks after the tenant left.

Marcus Phillips and all his staff are excellent communicators, quickly answering emails and phone calls. I highly recommend Real Property Management Sunstate.”

John B.

“Marcus and this team are A+! I own several apartment units near downtown West Palm Beach but live in California. RPM Sunstate provides me an automated monthly accounting statement, carefully screen new tenants and manage repairs at very reasonable prices. If you want a worry-free, competent property management company, they’re it.”

Michael D.

“We have been with Real Property Management Sunstate since 2004 and from the moment I sat down with Marcus Phillips to discuss how they worked and what I could expect I have never been disappointed. We have been overseas for 14 years and Real Property Management Sunstate has kept us informed and update at every turn. When our unit needed to be rented they used all tools at their disposal to make that happen and I can say that they get the job done quickly.

Aside from the wonderful customer service and quick replies to any and all questions, they have a wonderful team of maintenance workers who do an excellent job when a repair is needed. This also keeps the costs down which I found out recently with a small drywall repair. The property management that is caring for the main complex gave us an estimate that was significantly higher than Real Property Management and we were told it might take a couple of months to complete. Real Property Management Sunstate did the estimate, repair and invoicing to in less than two weeks total.

They handle it all, from cranky tenants (never fun) to detailed reports on income and repairs. You will never regret using this company, and it’s my pleasure to recommend them to anyone.”

M. Rose

“Overall great experience! The staff has great communication and are very polite and professional. Thank you for helping me out with all my questions and needs. I highly recommend Real Property Management Sunstate.”

Diego R.

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend the company Real Property Management Sunstate for your property management needs. I have been very satisfied with them. For over two years they have managed my townhouse (villa) with great care like if it was their own. I was impressed with how quickly they were able to get it rented at a fair market value. They are very well organized to get things done in areas like; leasing, tenant approval, rent collection, repairs, maintenance, clean up, financial reporting, etc. Working with them gives me peace of mind and I really trust them. Go with them and I’m certain you will not be sorry.”

Claude H.

“Amazing experience. They are very professional at managing properties.”

Wolfran W.

“As a Canadian with properties in the US, I needed someone reliable to look after them. Real Property Management Sunstate did exactly what I needed. They’re pros at working for you. Thank you.”

Sebastien W.

“Working with Real Property Management Sunstate made renting our house easy. They came on board after we had signed a lease with a tenant and managed a difficult situation with skill, tact, and most importantly, legally. We wouldn’t have made it without their help and assistance.”

Tabrina J.

“The LLC of which I am manager owned until very recently a rental property in Lake Worth. Our four members all live at great distances from Florida. For more than a year during final rental and sale, Marcus kept us abreast of developments on both, regularly and cheerfully. And though the sale proved to be a tedious, protracted process because of seemingly endless permit requirements of the City of Lake Worth, Marcus continued to wade through these matters with diligence and great patience until they were finally completed. Although he and I have never met face to face, I was always impressed, in our telephone and email interactions, by his integrity and concern, which kept matters as simple for us as they could be made simple at each step. Thank you, Marcus.”

Daniel G.

“Real Property Management Sunstate has proved to be a very successful and efficient firm since I started renting out my home in September. Their approach was very professional and they also strive hard to keep their esteemed clients up to date on all the required information, by sending them monthly statements and regular emails. I am glad to have them for property managers in Palm Beach.”

James M.

“I acquired my mother’s house in Lake Worth after her death. At the time she had a contract with Real Property Management Sunstate. I was worried about what to do with the house. I was able to meet with Marcus while I was in town on very short notice. He walked me through the process.

RPM Sunstate makes it easy to be a landlord even if you are 1400 miles away in a different state. They charge a reasonable fee, they provide statements, direct deposit, and computer access to the owner system that has all of your property info. The service team is great. When repairs are needed that exceeds a pre-set amount they will contact you as to how you want to proceed.

During turn over, they provided pictures of what needed to be done and I had some other work done on the property. Marcus and his team were able to get all the repairs and improvements done at a reasonable price. Marcus uses only the best bonded and insured companies to work in your property. It makes property ownership easy and stress-free.”

Doug N.

Tenant Reviews

“We have rented a single family home through Real Property Management for nearly two years now. My wife and I had always owned our own homes, and so are able to look at things from both the renter and owner’s viewpoint. Our experience with Real Property Management Sunstate has been excellent. We have had the usual issues with a/c, but items have been replaced and their response has been very good. Apart from a plumbing incident, all the people have performed really well.

We are very happy with Real Property Management Sunstate would recommend them for renters. If I was an owner looking to rent out a property, I would have no hesitation in using Real Property Management as my property management company.”

Tom T.

“My husband and I wanted to rent a property that they managed. The process took 3 days like Patty told me. Great service.”

Maryann C.

“In December of 2012, I was having trouble finding a place to stay. Everywhere wanted first, last, and a security. Coming up with all that amount was hard to do. But with the help of Real Property Management Sunstate, I am able to find a great place to live. They really helped me a lot, it is a safe place to live. When I first saw my apartment it really felt like home. I was so happy that I finally have a place to call home. Thank you all.”

Deborah G.

“As a tenant renting a privately owned residence, I found that throughout the lease, Real Property Management Sunstate consistently provided courteous and timely professional service. I would recommend them to anyone seeking superior property management services.”

Paul M.

Real Estate Agent Reviews

“As a Realtor representing two of my clients, I had a very smooth transaction with Real Property Management Sunstate. They got things done in a timely manner and were quick to respond to me and my clients throughout the process. Having dealt with numerous property management companies, I will say they provided us with top-notch service!”

Sarah S.

Video Testimonials